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Overseas Security Guardians is well known for overseas security operating platform and international security force, which was established by ZhongJun JunHong Group. OSG has earned ISO-9001(Quality Management), ISO-14001(Environment Management), OHSAS-18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment), ISO28007 (Ships and Marine Technology). It is also the Chinese member of International Code of Conduct for Private Security provider’s Association (ICoCA). Owning scores of escort bases of large sea harbor, OSG branches and offices covering counties and regions all of world.

To be the first class security company in the international market, OSG provides security and maritime escort services all over the world.

13 branches had been set up covering Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Hong Kong etc. 11 offices had been set up among Iraq, Thailand, West Africa, Afghanistan, UK, Taiwan, South Africa, Georgia, Kuwait, Ghana, UAE, etc. Stationed permission was obtained to access ports of kelang(Malaysia), Galle(Sri Lanka), OPL Fujairah(UAE), 19N in Red Sea, Mombasa(Kenya), Dar es Salaam(Tanzania), Moroni(Comoro), Durban(South Africa), Tuamasina(Madagascar), Mindoro(Philippine), Tawitawi(Philippine).

The great majority of OSG commanders, who retired from army are the backbone of OSG. Team of risk management is formed by experts from the United Kingdom, American, South Africa, Germany, and Malaysia etc. Soldiers retired from the army, navy, air force, and armed police, are source of security officer. Team leaders are mainly coming from Chinese, and team members are acted by veteran. OSG has 14 overseas security managers with over 5 years of experience, 6 domestic and foreign professional lawyers, 8 professional translators of English, Russian, Japanese, Cambodian Khmer and other languages; 10 professional risk appraiser, and 6 CPP-certificate holders, 1 IDPA certificate holders, 4 International Red-Cross ambulance skills certificate holders and 1 senior trainer.

Escort Service Coverage

Malaccastrait, Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Gulf of Persian, Sulu Sea.

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